Saturday, October 18, 2003

Go Navy!

"Yeah, look Great-granddad, can you actually help because..."
"Help?" exclaimed the old man as if he'd been asked for a weasel.
"Yeah, help, and like, now, because otherwise..."
"Help!" repeated the old man as if he'd been asked for a lightly grilled weasel in a bun with French fries.

Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
No new news

Duane doesn't have a blog again.

I am extremely bitter about the Yankees in the World Series. Not that I was pulling for either the Sox or the Cubs, but the Yankees are just wrong. (I grew up in Baltimore. 'Nuf said.) The radio stations here don't give a nod to the World Series because they're covering SEC football. Hmm. Louisiana - the South - is weird that way.

Bailey's getting older. She's big; yesterday she changed her own pull-ups. She's starting to tell us she needs to go potty by herself, and she goes and does it. I told Duane if we let her go, she'd potty-train herself. Why struggle and fight when we could just wait another month and let her do it? I'm all for it. She's my little string bean. They just don't come any sweeter.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

How glorious Zion’s courts appear,
The city of our God!
His throne He hath established here
Here fixed His loved abode.

Its wall, defended by His grace
No power shall e’er o’erthrow,
Salvation is its bulwark sure
Against th’ assailing foe.

Lift up the everlasting gates,
The doors wide open fling;
Enter, ye nations, who obey
The statutes of our King.

Here shall ye taste unmingled joys,
And dwell in perfect peace,
Ye, who have known Jehovah’s Name,
And trusted in His grace.

Trust in the Lord, forever trust,
And banish all your fears;
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells
Eternal as His years.

What though the wicked dwell on high,
His arm shall bring them low;
Low as the caverns of the grave
Their lofty heads shall bow.

Along the dust shall then be spread
Their towers, that brave the skies:
On them the needy’s feet shall tread,
And on their ruins rise.

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